Modern Jewellery

After my Modern Hairstyles post, I obviously had to follow up with a modern jewellery one.

When looking at modern jewellery, I find what distinguishes them from the rest are three simple rules; they are usually rather delicate in appearance, they often take geometric shapes and can feature marble or crystal look-a-like stones.

Before we get started I just wanted to add, as a side note, that the colour on my nails is Essie’s Licorice.


gold 1 Collage Y B.jpg

Let’s start outside in; my third lobe piercing (see photo below) is a plain cubic zirconia stud from Claire’s when I had my second and third holes done (the tragus was done in a professional tattoo/piercing place in Edinburgh called Studio XIII). The star stud earrings came from a Marks and Spencer set, which I sadly can’t find anymore but I found some similar studs (here and from this set here). The long square drop earrings came from Veritas (a shop here in Belgium that’s a bit like Accessorize but which also carries haberdashery). Sadly, I can’t find a link on their website to these specific earrings but saw them in one of their shops just last week, so you should still be able to get some.

The hexagon ring was my first foray into this modern jewellery trend and at the time the only shop I could find these types of rings was from Six (before the trend took off that is, now you can pretty much find this shape anywhere). The bar ring on my other hand was also from there, the rest are just some stackable rings I got from a random set (probably from Accessorize as it’s my go-to jewellery store in the UK), but H&M do some really awesome stackable ring sets here.

IMG_1830 Y corrected 3 crop B.jpg


Again, the plain cubic zirconia stud, in my second lobe hole this time, was from Claire’s piercing process. And the long square silver drop earring was… you guessed it, also from Veritas (I picked up both the gold and the silver version at the same time).

I know people often say that they suit silver or gold jewellery more, I say pish posh wear what you want! While I tend to prefer silver coloured jewellery, that doesn’t mean I don’t or can’t wear gold, and so if I really like a pair of earrings (which I did in this case), and it’s available in both colours, then I will pick up both!

The circle ring was from Six, and the hammered band ring was again from a random stack of silver rings.

silver 1 Collage Y B.jpg
IMG_2042 Y corrected.jpg


These half marble half gold hexagon earrings were also from Veritas (I think you might be able to sense a theme here). And I found some almost identical ones (they’re circular not hexagonal) from Claire’s here. And while on my search for all these jewellery dupes I found a matching hairclip here.

The rose quartz necklace I’m pretty sure was from H&M years ago, but don’t quote me on that one. But I found another rose quartz one here. Plus, I know the American Museum of Natural History do some (as well as the British Natural History Museum) since I picked up a clear quartz from there when I recently visited New York.

marble A Collage Y B 2.jpg
IMG_2028 m corrected crop 4 m 4 Y.jpg


Last but not least we have this combination of the stud star earring (similar here and here), with some marble triangle drop earrings (also from Veritas but could find nothing similar).

marble 2 Collage Y B 2.jpg

I think the marble ring was from Six, but I can’t quite remember for sure. Either way H&M do some nice marble rings here, or bigger stone ones here. The hexagon ring (from Six) and the heart diamanté one are the same from the first look. Finally, if you got the first set of marble rings from H&M that I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph, it would also include a couple of bauble band ones (not sure how else to describe that specific effect), like the ones I’m wearing.

IMG_1767 Y Y corrected 4 crop B 3.jpg
IMG_2055 Y corrected B.jpg

There you have it, my interpretation of the modern jewellery trend and a few key examples from my collection. I know plexi and gold are a big earring trend right now as well as seashell shapes (but I have a whole separate post coming up dedicated to that specific trend).

Oh, and in case you were curious, the mirror I’m using as a display tray of sorts was from Casa (a homeware store), they have a similar one here although made out of basket weaving material.

Are you a silver or gold jewellery wearer? Or are you like me and embrace both?

What do you predict will be the next big trend to go from homeware to jewellery like marble did?



Modern Hairstyles

Now I’m usually pretty lazy when it comes to styling my hair. Since it’s naturally straight, I just brush and go (my makeup is where I like to spend my time). But recently I’ve seen these types of hairstyles for bob and lob haircuts (whether straight or curly) which looked pretty easy to emulate, granted you have to own the right hair accessories first.


gold 2 Collage Y B.jpg

This gold star clip was from Veritas (a haberdashery/accessories store here in Belgium). Now while I can’t find the exact same one anymore, they do have a thin gold geometric patterned one here. It’s that geometric pattern that gives the hairstyle its modern twist.

For the hairstyle itself; you are going to have to part your hair into three equal sections at the top of your head.

The two peripheral sections you can put into ponytails, so they don’t get in the way of the middle section and you don’t lose your partings.

With the middle section you are going to do a Dutch braid (where the braid is visible as opposed to the tucked in with the French braid). Because the section of hair you’re working with is so small you might have to skip a couple of grabs of adding hair to the braid, but don’t worry your braid will still be secured to your head. Once you’ve reached the crown of your head just continue to braid a normal braid, then tie up with a clear elastic or hair coloured one.

Take out the ponytails of the peripheral sections and comb them backwards (careful not to snag your middle part braid with the comb). At the crown of your head put all three section in the clip, and voilà the hairstyle is done!

gold 6 Collage Y.jpg

I can’t remember where I got the matching star necklace from, but Asos currently do a cute one here.

IMG_3062 Y corrected.jpg


Again with a clip from Veritas, which they currently still do have here. Instead of parting your hair in three sections you’re just going to take that chunk of hair and clip it at the crown. This couldn’t be easier! And again, what makes it modern is the geometric shape of the clip.

silver 4 Collage Y.jpg


silver 3 Collage Y.jpg

With the same clip and section of hair (you might want to grab a bit more at the crown depending on how thick your hair is. You’re going to take that section and twist it to make a sort of bun (the rougher the better) and tie it in place with a clear or hair coloured elastic (it shouldn’t be visibly sticking out of the bun).

With the end lose bit of hair and lower part of the bun you are going to clip them at the crown of the head. It may take a few tries for you to be satisfied with how it looks both at the front and back, and for the clip to be securely in place on your head (otherwise it’s going to untwist with the bun), but I believe in you!

silver 6 Collage Y.jpg
IMG_3102 Y corrected B.jpg

There you have it, three pretty easy modern hairstyles. Remember it’s all about that geometric clip!

What are your go-to hairstyles?

Are you more of a brush and go girl like me?

What’s one hairstyle you would love to be able to do on yourself but no matter how many times you’ve tried it, it doesn’t work out? For me, it’s the waterfall braid…my hair nemesis!



Tassel Earrings

As it’s still the middle of winter here, and the temperatures have yet to rise, I thought I would show you the earrings bringing a pop of colour into my life during the dry fashion spell that is “sweater weather” post festivities.

All three pairs were from Hema (a bit of a miscellaneous shop here in Belgium), from a couple of months ago which I paired with matching nail polish each time (see below). Hema currently has a similar gorgeous burgundy pair here, although I personally went for mustard, pink and green.


mustard 3 Collage Y C 2.jpg

I paired these mustard earrings with the closest matching colour I could find in my nail polish collection; Layla Cosmetics (an Italian make) in the colour 157 (a sparkly gold). This colour sadly doesn’t seem to be made anymore, although Essie’s Leggy Legend (seen in my Essie Autumn/Fall Collection 2015 post) is a pretty close dupe.

However two alternative colours I can think of are Essie’s Fall For NYC, from last year’s Autumn/Fall Collection (although it applies a lot more yellow on the nails than the mustard colour it appears in the bottle), and L’Oréal’s Color Riche in 114 So Chic Fox.

mustard 6 Collage Y C.jpg
mustard 16 Collage Y C.jpg


These pink ones I paired with Essie’s Go Go Geisha which, in my local Di at least, has become part of Essie’s permanent collection. Although originally released in the Autumn/Fall Collection 2016.

pink 3 Collage Y C.jpg
pink 7 Collage Y C.jpg


Finally for my last pair, I went with Essie’s Off Tropic of course (one of my only greens) seen in my Essie Spring Collection 2016 post. However, because these earrings pull slightly on the turquoise side; Essie’s Trophy Wife (which I found in Ashford Designer Outlet’s Beauty Outlet store), or Go Overboard would be good alternatives.

green 1 Collage Y C.jpg
green 8 Collage Y C.jpg
IMG_8020 Y corrected 2 crop m C.jpg

So, this was more of a photo-heavy blog post than usual, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!

What’s your go-to fashion pick-me-up during these post festivities winter months?

Any specific colour catching your eye right now?

What are you most looking forward to this spring? (Okay I know, I know. All those chocolate Easter eggs) ;)



New Year's Eve Glitter Shoes

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!!! What better way to celebrate the new year than by wearing glittery shoes?! As I’ve been collecting this type of shoe for many years now (what can I say I’m a magpie, I see shiny shoes and I have to have them!). I thought now would be the perfect time to show you my collection so far, so if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration and don’t know where to look, just keep reading.


This is the perfect nude sparkly shoe for my skin tone. From New Look (similar here more rose gold tone here), this is the ideal pair to elongate your legs while giving off a little sparkle when they catch the light. The sparkle is caused by sparkly string/fabric woven in the fabric of the shoe. So you won’t be leaving a trail of glitter everywhere you go, nor do you get specks on your fingers as you put them on.

LG 1 Collage.jpg


Again, from New Look, sadly I can’t find a similar alternative but New Look tends to bring out very similar shoes each festive season so keep an eye out then. This pair is also a type of woven sparkle, and I love the gold detail at the top of the heel below the counter (term for the heel of the shoe, who knew?!).

IMG_1659 Y corrected 3 B crop.jpg
DG 1 Collage.jpg


One of my favourites, this pair was from Marks and Spencer last year (no longer on their website) and they came out with a turquoise colour this year (yes I had to pick them up too, see below). These have different sizes of glitter chunks glued on the shoes, so you might lose a bit of sparkle if you scuff your shoe but otherwise they seem pretty solidily glued on there! Also, despite the super pointy look of the shoes, they are really comfortable to wear - and that’s coming from someone with wide feet.

RG 1 Collage.jpg


A new purchase from New Look this year (yes they still have them here), I love the multidimensionality of the colours provided by the glitter which is glued on the shoes (borderline holographic), sadly photos don’t do them justice as they really are stunning in person!

multi 2 Collage Y.jpg


Exactly the same as the pointy Marks and Spencer ones above, I had to pick these up (no longer on their website). I knew they were already super comfortable to wear, plus they were in my favourite colour and they were on sale…I mean how could I refuse?!

turquoise 1 Collage.jpg


These are of the brand Marco Tozzi and I found them in the same Belgian Outlet Center Shoes & Fashion store from which I got my velvet shoes that appeared in my Velvet Shoes post (couldn’t find any alternatives). They also have that special woven fabric with sparkle, which is really nice.

IMG_1691 Y corrected 3 B crop.jpg
grey 3 Collage Y.jpg


The final pair, again from New Look (similar here), are a gorgeous black with subtle sparkle when caught in the light (super fine glitter). I mean if you’re stuck for options New Look is really your best bet as they rock the evening and stylish shoe world, and don’t break the bank either!

black 1 Collage.jpg

There you have it, all my glitter shoes so far! Yes I know I’m missing the obvious red glittery pair but I have yet to find some to my liking! I think Dorothy stole the best pair out there!

Which was your favourite of the bunch?

What do you like to wear on New Year’s Eve? I’m opting for slippers this year as I have zero parties to go to. #jomo (Joy of Missing Out) :P

If you’re on the contrary going to a party, then have a great time, be safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



Autumn & Sweater Weather Outfits

Before the Arctic blast that seemed to plummet our temperatures here in Belgium a good 10°C over a weekend, it was perfect sweater weather. These are three outfits worn then, when there was still no major need for any coats. As I know the world consists of many varying temperatures during the autumn and winter, I thought some of you might still enjoy these outfits nonetheless.


Outfit 1 Collage Y B C.jpg

Because I love tartan (my inner half-Scottishness has to come out somewhere), this has got to be my favourite outfit. The ribbed berry/burgundy top is from M&S last year and they have a similar long sleeved jumper (here) which will keep you much warmer.

The boots are true vintage as they come from my mum, and with the help of some shoe polish they look as good as new! Now if you aren’t as lucky to get such gorgeous hand-me-downs then Zara has a similar pair (here).

IMG_0434 Y corrected C.jpg

Although my skirt was from Asda George last year too, M&S have a variation without the tartan (here), and with tartan but a slightly darker colourway (here) and Asos has a red colourway (here).

The watch paired with all these outfits is my chocolate DKNY one featured in My Watch Collection post, and the nail polish is Essie’s With The Band seen properly in my Essie Winter Collection 2015 post. And finally the pumpkin earrings again seen with every outfit were featured in my previous Halloween Earrings post.


Outfit 2 10 Collage Y.jpg

When I spotted Zoë Sugg wear this jumper in one of her vlogs for her Halloween photo section of her upcoming book, I just knew I had to have it! It’s from Joanie (same design but different colourway here), and similar candy corn colourway (here). The skirt is just a plain black A-line corduroy skirt bought again from Asda George last year, very similar (here) and (here). The ankle boots are some simple western style ones from New Look last year (very similar here).

Outfit 2 4 Collage Y C 2.jpg


The final outfit is for those who might not be as comfortable wearing skirts this time of year (thermal tights are a thing so don’t let it be the cold that stops you). The jumper was originally from Wallis but bought on eBay and New Look have a similar one (here). And the dungarees were also from New Look a couple of years back (identical here).

Outfit 3 7 Collage Y.jpg

The black boots were also from New Look last year, and here you have two options: either going for the slouched look but thinner and taller heel (here), or going for the same heel as I have but with a more structured boot on the ankle and leg (here), as my perfect combination of both doesn’t seem to be on their website anymore.

IMG_0518 Y corrected crop 3.jpg

There you have it my three autumn/sweater weather outfits. Which one is your favourite?

How is the weather at the moment where you live? Sweater weather appropriate or full on puff jackets and mittens?

What about your shoes of choice? Has practicality outweighed fashion yet? I know snow does that to my choice of footwear, don’t want any broken ankles for the sake of “Fashun”! ;P



Halloween Earrings


One of my favourite times of year a.k.a. the “candy holiday”! I usually go all out with my decorations. Top tip: wait till November and get them all half priced (after a few years you can build up quite the collection!). This year I’ve added to my collection a dancing pumpkin, which gives me endless amusement!

But I’m getting side tracked, in this post I’ll be showing you four pairs of Halloween earrings you can wear throughout October.


pumpkin 1 7 Collage Y C.jpg

A recent addition to my small collection, I got these a couple of weeks ago from Hema. Which is a party/decorations/stationary/jewellery/makeup/baby clothes/snacks shop here in Belgium (yap I can’t work out the weird combination either). They are a bit weighty but nothing uncomfortable otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them (I can’t be the only one that estimates the weight of earrings before buying them…anyone? Nope okay).

IMG_0663 Y corrected crop.jpg


This is the first pair of Halloween earrings I ever bought but it was at least five years ago now. They are super light since they are made from essentially just some felt and glitter. I’m going to assume they were either from Claire’s or Accessorize because that’s where I get most of my accessories/earrings from. The latter has a very similar pair of hair clips this year, if that’s your thing.

pumpkin 2 3 Collage Y C.jpg
IMG_0656 Y corrected crop.jpg


These are super cute and dainty, and you could easily get away with wearing these without drawing too much attention. Also recently bought from Hema. These bat earrings would also be perfect for a second or third piercing (if you have them), because of how small and light they are. Plus, you could always layer these with another pair of more extravagant ones (either pumpkins above), in your first/primary piercing.

bat 2 Collage Y C 2.jpg

Only avid readers will recognise this fluffy little guy from my 3 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks post of last year when I dressed up as Countess Dracula :P

IMG_0675 Y corrected 2 C.jpg


Apart from the diamantes these spider earrings are creepily realistic. Although they are a bit too big for me to comfortably wear them with my secondary earrings (my piercings are rather closely spaced). But I don’t mind, I think they are pretty statement enough to be worn on their own. Bought last year from Asda’s George. Top tip: check out the girls’ accessories as they often have fun seasonal hairclips and earrings there (no age limit to being ridiculously festive imo!).

spider 4 Collage Y C 2.jpg

There you have it, all my festive Halloween earrings.

Do you have any? Which is your favourite? I’m still missing some skeletons and cats but we’ll get there :P

Any fun plans/do you celebrate Halloween?

What’s your favourite candy? For me it would be chocolate…duh! But nothing with a peanut butter combination, I leave that combo to the Americans.



The Tortoiseshell Trend

If you’ve been keeping an eye out on the latest fashion trends in stores lately, then you’ll know that animal print is very much IN at the moment.

Now while I can’t see myself rocking a full leopard or snakeskin dress just yet, I have been dipping my toes in with small touches here and there of tortoiseshell. Even a small change in accessories can make a big difference in one’s look. Now while I know it’s technically a “fashion rule” not to mix black with brown or navy…I say forget that! There can be some truly beautiful combinations with a bit of experimentation and that’s what fashion is all about after all, fun and experimentation!

IMG_0314 Y Y corrected crop C 3 m fin 2 crop.jpg


I found this pair of tortoiseshell hoop earrings from an accessories and haberdashery store we have here in Belgium called Veritas. I also found a similar pair on Asos (here) for just as cheap!

I love the rich brown colour of these earrings with some complementary brown nail polish with Essie’s Chocolate Cakes (the best brown nail polish I’ve ever found and is in Belgium’s permanent Essie Collection in Di anyway), and some rose gold rings. I also just wore my everyday silver studs (that my ears were pierced with in Edinburgh’s Studio XIII).

IMG_0313 Y Y corrected 4 C 3 fin 4.jpg

In this particular instance I didn’t really mind mixing the metals of my jewellery since the rose gold of the rings were quite silvery to begin with (some can be more pink and some more yellow). I tend to not particularly like mixing gold and silver but to each their own! With tortoiseshell I think both can work. I finished everything off with my brown metallic watch from DKNY that has already been featured in My Watch Collection post.

Tort 18 Collage.jpg


In September, I was lucky enough to tag along on my brother’s thirtieth birthday present, from my parents, to New York (photos coming to Lifestyle soon). So, these sunglasses came from a small kiosk on Liberty Island because it was super sunny that day (I had the sunburn to prove it!).

As I’m a contact-lens wearer, my eyes were watering very badly in the bright sunshine without any sunglasses, so I had to get them. I particularly love this pair (similar here) not only because they’re tortoiseshell but also because the lenses are slightly tinted yellow, so when you wear them it’s like being in constant golden hour…beautiful!

Tort 9 Collage Y.jpg
IMG_0323 Y Y corrected 2 crop m B.jpg


I spotted these tortoiseshell beauties at the beginning of September in New Look and just had to get them! Plus, they are still available on their website here. Paired with a sheer pair of black tights, an all black outfit and black handbag (previously featured in my Winter Crossbody Bags post) they look stunning and give a little somethin’ somethin’ to an otherwise plain outfit.

Tort 22 Collage Y.jpg


As for makeup, I’ve only changed up my everyday lipstick to match the browner tones of the tortoiseshell. Either with just the Sephora Lip Liner To Go in 17 Light Brown or a combination of the liner topped with a Mac lipstick in Paramount.

Tort 11 Collage Y B.jpg
IMG_0292 Y Y corrected B.jpg

So, there you have it, the tortoiseshell trend that I’ve been loving wearing during the beginning of autumn.

What do you think of the animal print trend?

Which is your favourite; leopard, snakeskin, tortoiseshell or another animal print I haven’t mentioned?

What do you think of “fashion rules”? Meant to be broken or not?



Olivia Burton Second Bunny Watch 27th birthday happened over the weekend (or as I like to call it; "my 21st 7th edition"). I was very lucky to receive the bunny watch that I had been eyeing since its release and hinted at in my previous Olivia Burton Bunny Watch post.

IMG_2476 Y B corrected 4 crop 3 F.jpg

Now while on the Olivia Burton website the strap is described and looks blush coloured, the item itself is not at all! The complete lack of pink in the supposedly "blush coloured" strap had me worried it was a manufacturing error. But after contacting Olivia Burton (side note: super speedy and friendly customer support), it was confirmed that it was the correct colour (I provided photos). Personally, I would describe the strap as a very muted light grey (the flipping photos in this post are the most accurate representation of the colour, I think).

Bunny 2 5 Collage Y.jpg
IMG_2508 Y B corrected angle 2.jpg

This isn't to say I wouldn't highly recommend the watch itself. The bunny is super cute and surrounded by little flowers unlike the first model they came out with (seen in my previous post). If you don't have an affinity for bunnies like me (that's okay not everyone loves their hopping fluffy goodness), Olivia Burton has a bunch of other animals, bees "à la Alex Monroe" or even hummingbirds to choose from.

IMG_2526 Y C 2 corrected 5.jpg

While I very much still love my first bunny watch, the muted greyness of this one's strap means it goes with a lot more outfit options than the distinct pink of the first one. So, don't expect to see anything else on my wrist for a while! ;)

There you have it, a quick post of my recent birthday present. And as usual the packaging that came in the mail with it was just as gorgeous as the first time.

Are you a summer baby? if so, any great gifts you've received lately?

Have any Olivia Burton watches caught your eye? Would love to know which one/s




Olivia Burton Bunny Watch

As it's nearly Spring, I mean we're no longer competing with the Artic on who's colder! I thought I'd show you one of the most recent additions to my watch collection. I fell in love with this little beauty (that also comes with a vegan friendly strap if you so wish) two Christmases ago. But as it went out of stock pretty quickly, I was only able to get my hands on it about April last year.

Although Olivia Burton has several animal illustrated watch faces (say that ten times fast!) I had to go with the bunny!

I've loved rabbits ever since I was little, my first cuddly toy was a was my second and third. My first was lost in a London taxi; thankfully I was too young to remember that traumatic incident; and the second kept losing its head, I lost count of the number of times my mum had to stitch it back on again. But my lucky third was "Raddit" (yes I couldn't pronounce my "b" apparently, and I was super original in the naming process) but she's been with me, and her little red dress and hat, ever since. 

Now while I can't go around with my cuddly toy anymore (I'm 26, that would be weird!) I can totally sport a watch that reminds me of her and the happiness that is Easter and the Easter Bunny. After all the dull winter months, it's impossible not to brighten in mood when all the flowers start to spring and the chocolatey eggy goodness is on its way!

That's not to say you can't enjoy this watch at any other time of year though, I've worn it plenty of times when the mood strikes, regardless of weather/season, and "Raddit" would be proud!

And guess what?! Olivia Burton have just released a new rabbit illustrated watch face, any guesses as to what I'm asking for, for my 27th birthday?!

Plus, they never fail to disappoint packaging-wise. This bunny watch came in a gorgeously illustrated postage box and they even added a little thank you card which I think is a lovely personalised touch.

What do you look forward to the most come springtime?

Any cuddly toy stories you would like to regale me with?

Do you own any Olivia Burton watches already? If so, which one? I'm slowly but surely building up my collection! ;)




Winter Crossbody Bags

As spring has been delayed for a couple of weeks and we're currently experiencing North Pole kind of weather (I'm not kidding guys, we're only a couple of degrees warmer)! I thought I'd show you the two crossbody bags I picked up from Mango back in December.

And no! Before you think I still have my Christmas tree up, these are just older photos that I didn't get around to posting before Christmas, so you're getting them now. ;)


RB 2 Collage Y C corrected 2.jpg

When it comes to bags I'm extremely fussy and hard to please. I dunno what it is, but I tend to naturally gravitate more towards shoes (as I'm sure you've gathered from my previous Velvet Shoes post).

However, Mango have been killing it in the bags department (scratch that...ALL departments as of late), and I couldn't resist this design. While these exact bags and colours are no longer available, they do still have a very similar design on their website (to the point that I can barely tell the difference); a red leather finish one with gold hardware here, and a black suedette version with silver hardware here (like the one below).

Red Bag 5 3 Collage Y.jpg

The simple and classic design can be worn at any time of year although I personally styled them for winter here. Do be careful in the rain though, always use a protective spray first (which I have yet to purchase admittedly but as I say, not as I do!).

I got both jackets from eBay. The first brown dogtooth one was originally from Primark, the second red check one was from Next (but I've seen a couple on eBay since, so keep an eye out!). What can I say, I'm a big fan of checks! Mango also have some gorgeous check scarves in, including the red and cream one featured in my Burberry Brit Perfume Review post.

Red Bag 4 Collage Y.jpg

I chose to pair both jackets with the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red which was a perfect match to the bag.


BB 7 Collage Y C B.jpg

As for the black bag (similar here), I felt this could be more of an evening bag, so I paired it with a black sequinned skirt that I also got from eBay years ago (but has no label so I don't know where it's from originally) and a bat-winged jumper from M&S, again years ago. To keep warm I would also be wearing heat tech tights and little black booties.

Black Bag 2 Collage Y.jpg

There you have it, my two new additions to my winter wardrobe, although with all the fun colours they have, I make no promises that Mango won't tempt me again this spring (I have my eye on the lilac one).

How about you, any new bag additions?

Are you more of a shoe person like me?

What about the basket bag, are you hopping onto that trend or nah?




Velvet Shoes

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!! Wishing you all the best on this upcoming year, and may it bring you all the goodness that you're hoping for. Personally, what better way to celebrate a new year than with three pairs of velvety party shoes to drool over?!


big red D Collage Y B.jpg

These red beauties (similar here) have to be my all-time favourite winter party shoe. Although my sequined boots (that matched my sequined dress perfectly tonight) might disagree, I think velvet shoes (especially heels) are a must when it come to the end of year party season.

Always elegant, especially with dark tights (which are a necessity when it's cold outside). The velvet texture makes everything look more luxurious (even if, like me, you only paid €5 for them at a Belgian Outlet Center Shoes & Fashion). The red does make things a tad Christmassy looking, but if you find a perfectly matched sequined dress, who cares?!

red 4 Collage Y B 2.jpg
big red 2 Collage Y B.jpg


big blue A Collage Y B.jpg
blue 5 Collage Y B.jpg

As gorgeous as these heels are (also from the same Outlet), I found that if I wanted to wear them with tights I'd have to size down (at least till they feel just a tad tight). So that once worn with the slippery texture of tights they actually stay on.

A little trick I learnt from ballet class all those years ago was to spritz some hairspray on your tights if you ever want something to stick better.

Alternatively, you could wear a pair of ankle socks under your black tights (so they're not visible), which might make things a bit tighter and hence give better grip! Plus, you'll have the added bonus of extra warmth!!!

big blue 2 Collage Y B.jpg


big green B Collage Y.jpg

Finally, you could just go for an ankle strap style of heel so you're sure to keep things secure (although after a few too many glasses of champagne who's to say).

These were a recent purchase from New Look (can still get them here), although I did have to go and get some extra holes put in the strap (news to me that there was such a thing as fat ankles?!!). Although with an open toe heel you do tend to see the seam of the tights, but I don't particularly mind.

On my toes, I'm sporting Revlon's nail polish in Bewitching (my go-to winter toe colour of choice).

green 3 Collage Y.jpg
big green 7 Collage Y flip.jpg

There you have it, three gorgeous pairs of velvety heels.

What do you like to wear on your feet this season? (Slippers are a perfectly acceptable answer)

Have you fallen for the velvet trend this season?




Christmas Hairstyles

Along with Christmas jumpers and earrings, I also like to wear Christmassy hairstyles. Simple ones yet effective. Plus, you can wear both all year round, just swap out these particularly seasonal hair accessories for other more appropriate ones.


Bow 5 Collage Y.jpg

I found this glittery red bow (similar here) in Asda George's kid's section, but shhh who's to know?!

To create this hairstyle, I combed the top section of my hair back parting it equally on both sides and Kirby gripped it (with two grips crossed over each other for more sturdiness) at the crown of my head, where I wanted the bow to then be placed. Once positioned how I wanted, I just slid the clip of the bow in between the crossed Kirby grips and voilà, an instant Christmassy hairstyle!

Bow Big 1 Collage Y.jpg


Clip 2 Collage Y.jpg

This pair of holly hair clips came from Claire's, and the bonus part is that they JINGLE!!! Now unfortunately I couldn't find the same pair again to link to (I'm sure they'll come out next year) but in the meantime you can find some similar ones here.

For this hairstyle, you can either comb two side sections on either side of your head and clip (using the hair that would normally frame your face), or just one section on your preferred side (I showed both results in the pictures), it's up to you. :)

Clip Big 2 Collage.jpg

So there you go; two super easy and quick hairstyles to try out. Hope you're all having a wonderful day.

What are your quick go-to hairstyles?

Have you also found some cute Christmassy hair accessories to wear during December? If so, would love to know what!




Christmas Earrings

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!!!! Hope you're all having a fantastic day! As you'll know from my previous post I like to sport a few ridiculous jumpers during the month of December, but I didn't say that I also go all out with earrings to match! Usually I pick them up from Claire's (they always have a good Christmas selection) or Accessorize.

All 3 Collage Y.jpg


ginger 2 Collage Y C.jpg

Of course we have to start with a true classic (similar in this pack here), these gingerbread men will stay this cute forever as they never get eaten!


bauble 1 Collage Y.jpg

Are more subtle and chic variation on the novelty earrings, you can get away with these on any occasion (similar here).


C 2 Collage Y.jpg
candy 2 Collage Y flip.jpg

Probably my favourite thing to eat during the holidays (yes people who eat the Christmas tree candy canes actually do exist), I love that I managed to find this pair a few Christmases ago (similar in this pack here).


reindeer 4 Collage Y.jpg

We can't miss out Rudolf of course; the cutest reindeer of the season (similar here)!


santa 2 Collage Y C.jpg

And finally, the man responsible for all this joy...SANTA!!! Again a nice subtle pair (similar here) that goes very nicely with any cream jumpers, but I personally like to pair it with this one from Next feature in my Christmas Jumpers blog post. :)

santa A Collage.jpg

There you have it, my novelty Christmas earrings collection, hope you enjoyed it. And let me know if you have a favourite? Or if you have something different you like to wear during the month of December!




Christmas Jumpers

When it comes to the lead-up to Christmas I like to sport a ridiculous jumper or two. While I have two that are coming tomorrow on Christmas Day (okay, I gave Santa major hints), I can show you the little collection I've accumulated so far. Now I know there is a trend to try and find the most ridiculous and "ugly" Christmas jumper out there, to sport during some holiday festivities, but these are not they! I like to think these jumpers are more on the tasteful side of things. But hey ho, you might disagree completely, in which case I need to quote Jessica from OutOfTheCloset "Christmas is about sparkle, and wearing things that other people hate", and I couldn't agree more!


pink 2 Collage Y.jpg

These are the most adorable things ever, while the penguin one on the left came from Asda (similar here) and originally had a pom pom attached to its bauble hat - but one wash and it came off. Which I don't actually mind since although very cute, under a coat it's not so comfortable to wear, hence I've never felt the need to sew it back on. On the right, is a pink jumper from Marks and Spencer with a mummy and baby polar bear, made from white lace which is very beautiful! I've already had several complements about it, and I would love to be able to link it, but it's several years old. However, keep an eye on the M&S website, as they often do very chic interpretations of the "Christmas jumper" every year.


white 1 Collage Y B.jpg

The fluffy Rudolf sequined jumper is several years old and although I don't have it at hand to double check where it came from (either New Look or Next), Rudolf is a recurring theme at Christmas time so I'm sure you wouldn't have trouble finding something similar (e.g. here). The one on the right however is the perfect jumper for me, and I bought it THIS YEAR from Next (can't find the link for it though), so you might still be lucky and find it in store. Paired with a red lipstick (you can see me wearing this combo here), I think it's a nice, subtle yet funny nod to Christmas.


sparkle 5 Collage Y.jpg

More neutral in terms of ridiculousness...these jumpers just have a subtle sparkle to them, so could be worn all winter long, not just for the holidays! The peachy one (on the left) came from Marks and Spencer a couple of years ago, and the one on the right was bought around the same time from New Look (although this one sheds a bit). I have been on the lookout for a plain white fluffy jumper that doesn't feature Rudolf on it (although I love the one above, the design kind of limits it's wearing appropriateness), but have yet to find one that doesn't shed like a sheep...not quite the look I'm going for! :P

What jumpers do you like to wear during this season?

Or do you live in a much warmer climate/Southern Hemisphere in which case; do they make Christmas T-shirts? That would be so fun to see!!! I know my brother has always wanted to spend Christmas somewhere warm and beachy (this kind of vibe), but I'm quite happy with the cold! Although I do wish it snowed just for the 25th and then immediately melted the next that too much to ask Santa for?!!!




Winter Hats

Recently I've been really loving wearing winter hats. Not only do they keep your head super warm and cosy but they also hide greasy hair #bonus!!! If only it was socially acceptable to wear them during the summer, I'd be set!


Black Hat 1 Collage Y C 2.jpg

Anyway, I spotted the double pom pom style last year on Zoella's Vlogmas, but they had pretty much all sold out by then. However, a couple of months ago I spotted this beauty in New Look, tried it on, and knew it had to be mine! While I picked up the last one in store, they still have plenty online (and at a reduced price right now!). So, if you want to rock the cute fluffy bear look too, you can join me, I mean Paddington Bear would certainly approve! :P

Black Hat 6 Collage Y.jpg
black 2 Collage 3.jpg


Green Hat 5 Collage Y C.jpg

While online, New Look describes this pom pom as blue, I would very much say it's more of a green/turquois-y colour. Already owning as checked scarf (from Accessorize years ago) and a Marks and Spencer coat in this colour, I just couldn't resist purchasing the hat to match!

Green Hat 8 Collage.jpg
green 2 Collage corrected.jpg

What do you like to wear on your head, during the winter, to keep you warm? I've been tempted to get a pair of ear muffs, but I have yet to find a pair that don't make me instantly look like Princess Leia. Maybe you've got some good recommendations?

How cold does it get where you live? We had a couple of days of snow here in Belgium, but it doesn't look like we will be getting a white Christmas this year either (sad face!).

Hoping you're enjoying the holidays wherever you are, either way!




Summer Flower Crowns

Let's talk about hair; more specifically hairstyles. I've never been one to do much with my hair, even when I actually had it long enough (princess length a.k.a. waist length) to do anything with it.

The two main reasons for this were that: I had acne throughout my teens and early twenties and long hair is the perfect security blanket/curtain to hide bad skin behind. Secondly, I've always been the type of girl that likes my hair to be very, VERY low maintenance i.e. a quick brush-and-go type of thing. When getting ready, I spend so long on my makeup the last thing I want to do is then take extra time out for my hair. Plus, I'm lucky, my hair is naturally straight and always behaves itself no matter what the weather (yes I've always wanted curly hair, what can I say, the grass is always greener...). This isn't to say that I've never experimented with my hair, I've been a light blonde, strawberry blonde, ginger and brunette; I mean how else would you explain my "high school" title of "most likely to appear in a hair commercial"!

Anyway, now that my skin has more or less cleared up and I went for the big chop a couple of years ago, I find that adding a simple thing like a flower crown (or a bow, let me know if you want a blog post with those) can really change up your look, and it takes less than a minute to put on your head #winwin.


For this first look, before most of my curls had dropped out, I combined this red rosed flower crown (from Claire's here) with a red dress and a bold red lip (my trusted Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red) with my usual waterproof pencil eyeliner (Prestige in 08 Charcoal Brown) and blush (Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in 03 Berry Pop). Personally, I think the green leaves from the crown matches my eyes perfectly and combined with the red roses which matches the lips and dress makes for a very pretty look!


This look I think would be perfect for any bride who is going for a bohemian themed wedding, or really cute on the flower girls (you might have to find smaller ones to fit their tiny heads, so this adjustable one from Claire's which is similar, might be perfect for you!). For this look I just switched up my hair a bit by Kirby-gripping (bobby-pinning) half of my hair along the crown area (of my head not the actual flower crown!) and changing my lipstick to a combo of a nude lipliner (N°7 Precision Lip Pencil in Nude) and lipstick (L'Oréal Color Riche in 253 Blush In Nude similar here).


I couldn't finish this blog post without at least one flower crown in my favourite minty colour!

For this look I took out the Kirby grips and because this flower crown is actually more of a head band and less of a crown it gives a bit of a different overall effect (similar here). Furthermore, since most of my curls had fallen out by then it also looks a bit straighter. But had my hair been a tiny bit longer, I would have attempted to repeat the 3rd hairstyle from my Best Dressed Wedding Guest blog post) which involved a side fringe braid (starting from my hair parting), then braided on the other side (starting behind the ear) in the French Style this time (i.e. adding hair as you go) to form a crown (got to sneak one in there somehow) and as you run out of hair reaching the lower right of your head, twisting it inwards (like a mini chignon); lots of pinning required...especially with short hair!

Makeup-wise I stuck to my previous nude lipliner and lipstick combo but I wanted to add a bright mint eyeliner above my brown can just about see a turquoise-y tinge to my eyelids in the first photo but that's about it! So I'm going to name and shame and...shock horror it's a KIKO products that has let me down! Their new Tropic Heat Eye Marker in 02 really didn't work for me here (smudging all over the place!), But I'm not going to give up so easily as the till lady had a perfect minty winged eyeliner with a slight highlight using the white marker in 01, so it is possible! I just have to find the right trick to it. #crossingfingers

Okay, so I might have actually curled my hair for these three different flower crowns...only because I think they look better and give more of a "fairy wandering in a twinkly meadow" kind of vibe! Which my two burnt fingers clearly didn't appreciate what I was going for (a.k.a first time using straighteners to curl hair) but we got there in the end! Even if it only lasted about two hours (...remember when I said my hair is naturally straight?! Yap I meant it, it rarely holds a curl!).

Anyway, hope you liked it, and that my fingers' sacrifice was worth it?! Speaking of, I'm wearing Essie's Chocolate Cakes on my nails throughout all three looks (my favourite brown almost black polish...the name might have something to do with it too). ;)

What's your go-to summer hairstyle? Are you like me; must it require minimum effort?

Have you ditched the flower crown in favour of the choker like a certain miss Swift?!

What's the funnest hair colour you've sported so far? Wigs count!!!!




Spring Trench Coats

As it's now spring, you would think this would be the perfect time to get the T-shirts back out...but this is not California and unfortunately in Belgium spring pretty much equates to rain and miserable weather (although we have been lucky enough to get a few good sunny days). So with April showers all round, it's best to stick to the rain coats and umbrellas folks! Plus, it isn't exactly warm either (I mean T-shirt weather only really happens in the summer and even that's a rarity!) but it's not all doom and gloom...think of all the pretty coats you get to wear!

Now I have a particular affection for the trench coat style as you'll know from my first ever fashion post here where I feature my gorgeous dark green one. But come spring, I like to stay on the lighter side of things and stick to more pastel and softer colours.


Pink seems to have become the IT colour this season, which I really don't mind since I love pink and own quite a few pieces in my wardrobe already! But it seems to be the paler more pastel and even blush tones that have garnered everyone's attention.

After seeing a pretty pink trench coat in Marks and Spencer on a food shopping expedition (in Porte de Namur), but not being quite sure; it wasn't double breasted which I would have preferred, and the double breasted one wasn't quite long enough (I know I'm a fussy Goldilocks, what can I say?!) I walked into Zara, which is next door, and immediately spotted this beauty! It was perfect! Also since it was rather a recent purchase you can still find it in store! I'm usually a size 12, which is a medium, but I had to buy it in a large as the medium was just a bit too tight across the bust (and I have a small chest), so make sure you try it on before purchasing!

My usual go-to to style for such a statement coat is to pair it with an all black/neutral outfit and let the coat do all the talking. But this time I thought...nope, I'm going to crack out those sparkly Valentino Rockstud dupes from Buonarotti that you saw featured in my Marbella Evening Outfits post. I think this coat would also go amazingly well with this pair of embroidered boots from New Look that I've had my eye on for a while now (...if only money grew on trees!). Didn't quite manage to leave my "eternal black jeans" behind though...And because I'm just one of those weirdos (that likes to match my watch to my outfit), I also opted to wear my Ted Baker pink watch which again you've already seen in My Watch Collection post.


This one I bought in C&A during my university exchange year in Paris, which was almost 5 years ago now (time flies!). It was the last one in store and missing a belt, but I bought it anyway (similar here but not double breasted). But Emma I hear you ask; it does have a belt?! Well my little munchkins, that's because after picking an exact fabric colour match from Stragier (although with a shinier finish) and a buckle; Moira (my mum's seamstress) made one up for me...and isn't it perfect?!

This is me attempting to water my Dad's flowers, because the bucket matched my coat...the flowers did not survive the drowning; RIP flowers!

Again I kept the rest of the outfit pretty neutral and matched my shoes (similar here) and watch (similar here) to the coat.


Maybe colour isn't your thing, even in which case this is a great alternative and of course a true classic: the pebble/beige trench coat. This one I like to wear open with the belt tied into a nice bow on the back, having pulled it in a bit so the coat still looks cinched in. And because I just can't miss out on colour completely I like to wear it with a bright red lip, like this Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red. I think also adding a red crossbody bag (like this one) would look cute and would give that extra pop of colour (not a great option if you're avoiding colour though).

For shoes, I've got my standard black booties from New Look (similar here), a classic black watch (similar here) and my glamorous sunglasses (similar here) featured in my Sunglasses Lookbook to complete the chic look.

There you have it, my three go-to trench coats in the spring/summer.

Which one is your favourite?

Are you as obsessed with pink as everyone else is this season?

Do you like the trench coat style, or do you prefer to rock a different cut? Do you even have to wear a coat in the spring where you live?




Marbella - Evening Outfits OOTN

So a couple of weeks ago I was on holiday with my family (parents and big brother) in Marbella (a Lifestyle post will be coming soon). As we were staying in a rather fancy hotel it meant "dressing up" for dinner. Now, although we stayed there for 12 nights I only have 6 outfits to show you because although some might say I'm an excellent/Tetris Master suitcase packer, even I have my limits (stupid weight restrictions)! So I know...I know I'll be forever known as the "outfit repeater" (admit it, you have that Lizzie McGuire scene playing in your head too), but I think changing up the accessories can really change a look and if that means more room to bring back shopping then I'm all for outfit repeating! (Disclaimer: 6 bikinis and lots of day outfits might have also been packed along with too many shoes but I'm totally blaming the evening outfits for my lack of space).



Dress: This is a gorgeous dress I got a couple of years ago from New Look (similar here and here). It was originally meant to be a more casual day wear dress, to be worn over a bikini, but the length and gorgeous rich bordeaux colour means it has no problems transitioning into an evening dress.

Jewellery: I paired this dress with a beautiful turquoise earrings and necklace set I got more than 10 years ago from Marks and Spencer (sadly I haven't seen anything even remotely similar since). Now, although I had never previously even thought about pairing turquoise and bordeaux together, they went surprisingly well (they are split complement colours...who knew?!). The only earrings and necklace I could find in a similar vein were way more navy blue, but I think they still work (and I found a more turquoise set here).

Lipstick: L'Oréal Color Riche in Laetitia's Pure Red, but any dark wine colour would do.

Nails: If you saw my latest Essie Summer Collection 2016 post then you would have already seen this Mojito colour by Be Creative Make Up. Furthermore, it lasted surprisingly well against my sunscreen. If you've ever worn nail polish and then applied sunscreen, then you'll know that it has a tendency to mattify/dissolve the polish.

Shoes and Bag: See below



Dress: This dress I got about 5 years ago from Quiz (known for Prom Dresses). At the time it was the last one in a size too big for me, but now it fits perfectly...struggling to breathe means it fits - right?! I particularly love this dress because it's very glamorous and super easy and small to pack, #winwin. I've found something similar here but it's a long version which you could either get shortened or leave as is, whichever you prefer.

Jewellery: Now this is a big #fail since you can't actually see the earrings I'm wearing. But with this dress I like to wear statement grey coloured earrings (similar here and here) to match the sequins. Because the sequins are such a statement, any necklace would be a bit too much, so I usually leave my neck bare for this one.

Lipstick: Sephora Lip Liner To Go in 17 Light Brown.

Nails: Nothing on my hands (I know, what's wrong with me?!). But on my toes I'm wearing Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Color in 21 Pink In The Park which I wore everyday, so any toe polish you see is definitely that one.

Shoes and Bag: See below



Skirt and Top: I saw this skirt and top combo hanging on a hanger in Zara, two years ago, and just knew I couldn't buy one without the other. The soft, almost Grecian, quality of the top compliments the harsher crystal studded skirt perfectly! Although I couldn't find anything similar; the key to this look is really a pleated top (and here) with a short sequined/embellished skirt (I found a gorgeous light blue combo too: top here and skirt here).

Jewellery: You can just see the earrings I'm wearing peaking through in the picture below (on the left). The evening I wore this outfit I had spent the day tanning (.i.e. going from snowman coloured to a slightly warmer shade of marshmallow) while my Mum, Dad and brother went to a shopping mall and spotted these stunning earrings in a Spanish jewellery store called José Luis Joyerías. Although technically a Christmas present, I got to wear them early just for this outfit...YAY!!!! :)

Lipstick: My trusted N°7 Precision Lip Pencil in Nude of course.

Nails: Nothing

Shoes and Bag: See below



Dress: I saw this dress on the H&M website in the beginning of Summer but after two visits to my local H&M in the hopes of trying the dress on and figuring out my size, with no luck and the stock dwindling online, I gave in and made a lucky guess in an online order. I got my usual size (UK12 EU40) but I think I could have afforded to go a size down because of the extra fabric on the top half and the elasticated waist.

Jewellery: On one of the days I forgoed tanning and went with my family to our neighbouring shopping mall La Cañada (it was a 5 minute drive from our hotel) and discovered Bijou Brigitte (costume jewellery galore!) where I bought these gorgeous ice blue statement earrings.

Lipstick: Again my N°7 Precision Lip Pencil in Nude.

Nails: Nothing

Shoes and Bag: See below



Dress: Since I was small I've been lucky enough to know/have a seamstress. The brilliant Moira Paton is my Mum's friend and mostly does skirts for her, but she will occasionally do some adjustments/repairs and even dresses for me (when I find the perfect fabric that is, a rare occurrence...I'm fussy!).

The silk fabric in question was a leftover from one of my Mum's skirts and with an extra purchase of a meter Moira was able to make this dress for my birthday (she had to work off a previous dress she had made in the same style since we had lost the original pattern...just goes to show how talented she is!). This dress is therefore unique and I can only really link this dress which is in the same colour range and this one that has a similar shape.

Jewellery: Similar ones here.

Lipstick: Bourjois Rouge Edition in 07 Fuchsia Graffiti.

Shoes and Bag: See below



Dress: The most versatile of all the dresses (switching up the belt creates a whole different look), I got this dress from New Look about two years ago (it came with the gold bar belt). I haven't found a dress that comes with a gold belt per se, but I have found a black dress in a similar cut here and by buying this gold belt here you can easily recreate this look yourself.

Jewellery: Because the gold belt is quite a statement I don't wear a necklace with this dress either, but I did pair it with some big bold gold filigree earrings, similar here.

Lipstick: Sephora Lip Liner To Go in 17 Light Brown.

Nails: Nothing

Shoes and Bag: See below



The White Shoes: I got these from El Corte Inglés many years ago, on an earlier holiday to Spain. Although I couldn't find any with a similar floral strap pattern, New Look have a pair of strappy white sandals here.

The Gold Clutch: It comes from New Look a couple of years ago, but they have two very similar ones out this year here and here

The Red Shoes: ...So I've had these shoes close to 15 years now (yes my feet stopped growing pretty much at the age of 12) the insole is completely caput, but you would never know it when I'm wearing them! I've found a pair of red strappy heels, minus the sequins unfortunately, here. Fun fact: these were also my first pair of "real" high heels (not the toy plastic kind)...yes when you're 12, kitten heels are high, okay!

The Red Clutch: You probably recognise this clutch from my Best Dressed Wedding Guest post but as the alternative I found then doesn't exist anymore. I've found two new alternatives here and here (I personally bought mine on eBay).

The Black Shoes: Still currently in stock in New Look here.

The Black Clutch: I can't really remember where I got this clutch but I've found a pretty beaded alternative here. They also carry a gorgeous turquoise version here which along with the turquoise jewellery of the first outfit would go amazingly with the bordeaux dress.

The Nude Studded Shoes: If you know anything about shoes then you'll know these are an imitation of the Valentino Rockstud Ankle Straps. But since I don't have a spare €720 lying around (maybe one day I will be able to spend that much on shoes...but not yet!) I was super happy when I found these gorgeous lookalikes for just €35 in Buonarotti! If you're like me and shudder at the price of the originals, but aren't travelling to Spain any time soon, then I've also found other good imitations on eBay.


There you have it the 6 evening outfits I wore whilst on holiday...hope you enjoyed it!

What are your favourite outfits to wear in the evening?

Do you remember your first pair of "real" heels? Better yet, do you still have them too? :P

What's has been your best designer imitation find?




Sunglasses Lookbook

So a couple of weeks back we had glorious wouldn't know it by the miserable weather we are currently experiencing though (the radiators came back on again people!!!!). But apparently we are due to have another heatwave soon, so perfect time to bring out the sunglasses.

With sunglasses you have to be careful, certainly in my case, since most make me look like an overgrown beetle. Here is a chart that will guide you on your sunglasses shape choice; but first you have to know your face shape! Mine I would categorize as "long", which means that since forever I thought aviators would be the only shape that suited me (hence why they make up most of my collection). Didn't stop me from trying many different shapes on though...did someone say beetlejuice? Anyway, through shear persistence, this year I found a few other shapes that suited me: the clubmaster/browline and the wayfarer! So just goes to show...never give up on your sunglasses dreams guys!


LOOK 1: RETRO MINT - Clubmaster/Browline Shape

This clubmaster/browline shape is the closest I'll ever get to a cat eye (which don't suit me). It's a very 50s inspired shape that I chose to pair with a 60s influenced outfit (big rounded earrings with a distinct collar), I also wore my eternal black skinny jeans so this outfit is really a mishmash of eras with a modern twist...or so I like to think. :P But have no fear, I recently bought a polka dotted mint dress from Apricot (that I've had my eye on for more than a year and which finally went into sale...patience is key! :P) so I will be a 50s fashion reincarnation in no hairstyle might give me away though!

Items Worn:

  • Sunglasses: From Claire's this year so you might still find them in store (couldn't see them online though).
  • Lipstick: N°7 Precision Lip Pencil in Nude under Sleek MakeUp True Colour Lipstick, Sheen in 775 Liqueur (beautiful but I think I had an allergic reaction to it, so might not wear it again...still needs testing).
  • Nails: Essie Gel Couture Nail Colour in Zip Me Up. If you haven't seen the Gel Couture line in Di (where Essie is usually sold here in Belgium) it's because for some reason they decided to only sell it in Planet Parfum (which doesn't carry the normal Essie line) idea why these two Essie lines needed to be separated by shop, but if you were waiting for it to appear in your local Di you'll be waiting a long time.
  • Top: From Dorothy Perkins a couple of years ago but as you'll know from my Red & Lace OOTD blog post they frequently have lace style tops in just keep an eye out! This top for example has a very similar feel.
  • Earrings: From eBay! Although I can't remember the seller but you can just type "mint button earrings" in their search bar and you'll get a decent selection too.


LOOK 2: TAYLOR SWIFT RED - Wayfarer Shape

This is personally my favourite look and my go-to for the last couple of summers, except for the wayfarers which I only found this year in Claire's. Very similar to Taylor Swift's style, honestly if I could swap closets with anyone it would be her! As you might have guessed from the previous "retro mint look" above I really do like the 50s/60s looks which also heavily influences Taylor's fashion (I'm ignoring the recent platinum blonde grunge phase...we all have fashion experiments we like to forget ever happened!). Unfortunately, with her legs and height none of it would actually fit me...but I'm getting ahead of myself :P I paired the red lips and red wayfarers with a checked patterned shirt and a brown crossbody bag (again with black skinny jeans too...shhhhh) a very summery picnic look if you ask me, hence why I decide to add the cupcake earrings...yum!!!

Items Worn:

  • Sunglasses: From Claire's this year and they still have them online...yay!!!
  • Lipstick: Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 09 Watermelon Slice (I did say picnic theme right?!) now unlike in my Sephora Cream Lip Stain blog post it doesn't appear quite as orange/coral here. Watermelon Slice is a true chameleon; next to a true red it definitely does look like an orange-y red "watermelon" colour but on its own it just looks like a normal/classic red. Either way, its unique colour is a perfect match to the red wayfarers which also pull slightly orange! :)
  • Nails: I was still wearing the Essie Gel Couture Nail Colour in Zip Me Up. But I would normally pair this look with my Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Color in 490 Hot Salsa that you can see me wear in "Look 2" of my Coloured Eyeliner post and which I reviewed in my Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes 2015 post
  • Top: From New Look a couple of summers ago but they still repeat the this year you can find the same print in a shirt dress here.
  • Earrings: From Claire's more than 5 years ago, but they have lots of novelty earrings so you should find some no problem!



This is my classic summer look because it includes aviators but also a strongly patterned top. I think you'll know by now that I'm really not afraid to wear colour...I do own a lime green jumper after all (see "Look 2" here), but in the summer I tend to also embrace patterns! However, the rule with patterns (very similar to the close fitting rule) is that if you're wearing something patterned (or tight) on top then your bottom should be plain (or loose) and vice versa! Dresses of course are the exception as usually patterns (and sometimes fit) will be harmonious throughout the length.

Items Worn:

  • Sunglasses: From C&A last summer but H&M have a great range of coloured aviators so if you don't live in a country with a C&A have a look there.
  • Lipstick: Revlon Matte Balm in 260 Passionate but rubbed off a bit with a tissue to give it a less intense colour and hence give the lips more of a stained effect.
  • Nails: Essie Gel Couture Nail Colour in Zip Me Up.
  • Top: From Apricot last spring still in stock and at a reduced price!
  • Earrings: None. But I do have my standard second and third piercings that came with the piercing process at Claire's . My tragus was pierced in a specialised piercing/tattoo shop in Edinburgh called Studio XIII (super clean and hygienic would highly recommend!...if you're of age that is) but my current tragus earring is also from Claire's.


LOOK 4: FANTA ORANGE - Aviator Shape

I've got to be honest, I do look a bit like an extra for a Fanta Orange ad, but I don't hate it! These aviators have a lovely Tequila Sunrise coloured gradient which I adore and I couldn't resist emulating with the lipstick and top.

Items Worn:

  • Sunglasses: From River Island this summer, can't find them online though but they do still have some amazing choices and all at reduced prices!
  • Lipstick: Revlon Matte Balm in 260 Passionate; unlike above I didn't wipe it off, so this is full application intensity.
  • Nails: Essie Gel Couture Nail Colour in Zip Me Up.
  • Top: From New Look last summer but they have something similar here.
  • Earrings: None (same description as above).


LOOK 5: FRENCH STRIPES - Aviator Shape

I love a good striped top, always makes me feel very French...although French fashion is a bit more complicated. However, it always manages to look effortlessly chic, I found some great tips on how you too can become a Parisian fashion expert (who said you had to live in Paris to achieve the look?). Anyway, I put a twist on the striped shirt and paired it with electric blue eyeliner that you will have seen in my Coloured Eyeliner post, with blue nails and aviators to match...oui, oui!!!

Items Worn:

  • Sunglasses: From C&A last summer. H&M have a gorgeous alternative here, although the blue is lighter.
  • Eyeliner: KIKO Super Colour Eyeliner in 107 Blue Majorelle.
  • Lipstick: N°7 Precision Lip Pencil in Nude under Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Nude Collection in 42.
  • Nails: Essie in Aruba Blue.
  • Top: From C&A but this style of top is super prevalent so shouldn't be too hard to find one in a similar vein. New Look have one with dark burgundy stripes, very similar although granted it might not go as well with bright blue aviators.
  • Earrings: None (same description as above).



This look is glamorous beyond glam...yap I have Fergie's Glamorous song stuck in my head which is my own fault really...G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S...but now you do too #sorrynotsorry :P Anyway I'm wearing a white jumper (sweater) because in Belgium summer doesn't really differentiate itself from winter (I might be slightly exaggerating here) but 28°C is not a common thing that's for sure! So we were very lucky a couple of weeks ago, and hopefully we will be again soon. I need my vitamin D and 2 weeks a year of warm tanning sunshine isn't going to convince anyone I'm not secretly Olaf!

Anyway, these sunglasses do make me look a bit like a fly, but it's so borderline that I like to think I can get away with them (...bzzz) even though oval sunglasses don't usually suit me (the chart is more of a guide than something set in stone, ultimately you'll know if something suits you). But when I'm tanning I always go for an all black pair of oversized sunglasses (maximum darkness in the eye area against the direct sunlight above you) and also ones that actually have been tested for UV protection. This shouldn't mean an extortionate price tag! My go-to pair of dark "sun tanning sunglasses" (too scratched-up now to photograph prettily) are from Accessorize (similar here). The sunglasses with UV protection will usually be indicated with a sticker on the lens or you can always check online in their product description. Never just assume that sunglasses are fully UV protected because not all actually are; especially the light coloured lenses! 

So for this look I paired the sunglasses with a rich red lipstick and surprisingly the mint nail polish I wore originally to go with the "retro mint look" went very well with this whole assemble too (being too lazy to change my polish for every outfit paid off, since it's a combo I would have never thought to try). My pair of trusted black skinny jeans from Marks and Spencer also make a sneaky appearance in one of the photos so I've included them in the list this time. And I finished off with a gorgeous pair of oversized faux pearl earrings...completing the luxurious look (for a lot cheaper too!).

Items Worn:

  • Sunglasses: From Marks & Spencer a couple of years ago but they always have a lovely selection of very glam (some might also call that oval/oversized) sunglasses.
  • Lipstick: Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 03 Strawberry Kissed. It's quite a pinky red but see my Sephora Cream Lip Stain blog post for a more accurate colour representation.
  • Nails: Essie Gel Couture Nail Colour in Zip Me Up.
  • Top/Jumper: Marks & Spencer about a month ago still in stock and they also have it in teal and coral.
  • Trousers: Marks and Spencer limited edition skinny jeans similar here.
  • Earrings: From Accessorize years ago but they always have faux pearl earrings in stock. My favourites are the ones that come in a pack with different sizes as you have more options for your outfits. One day you might want small dainty pearls and the next oversized eye catching ones...with this pack the possibilities are endless.


So there you have it my go-to sunglasses of choice and my gorgeous new additions. Hope it's currently sunny where you are so you can enjoy wearing yours too!

P.S. the sun has come out again since I first started writing this post, YAY!!!

What's your favourite sunglasses shape?

Do you have a particular colour you like to wear?

What has been your best find so far?




Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Wedding season is upon us!!! And we all know what that, not wallowing in self-pity over being a #singlepringle (it's pretty awesome okay?!), but pretty dresses galore! Now as per tradition, I would recommend staying clear of white and cream dresses (or gold; wink wink to any shadowhunter fans out there) or whatever other colour your bride might be wearing according to her culture. Personally, I tend to love lace and very feminine dresses (after I muster up the courage to get my pasty legs out that is...what, I embrace my inner Olaf!), but dresses don't have to be your thing, add any type of fascinator and I'm sure people will know you're heading for a wedding, or a horse race...potAto, potatO.


First up, the pink dress. I found this one for super cheap in a new store discovery for me, Trafic. Although this store contained all kinds of stuff from gardening equipment to kids' toys and books, it also had a small selection of clothing (it's own brand; TQF Collection) with some lovely pieces, for example this dress.

Now, while it might require a sneaky use of spanx and a stick-on bra (thank you M&S!), the backless-ness really makes it (similar here although not quite as pink and if you're of the curvy variety I found this stunning version here among my searches).

My shoes are from M&S (what else?) and although limited edition they bring out a very similar pair every year (here), since after all, nude heels are a classic! As for accessories, my clutch (similar in style here and in colour here) is from Accessorize years ago (we're talking almost a decade now), but I highly recommend checking out their occasion selection, when it comes to clutches, fascinators and jewellery (oh my!), Accessorize is king...or should I say queen?!

As for makeup I kept it pretty simple; I put the Heart eyeshadow from my Stila Soul Palette (blog post here) on my mobile lid and crease, then I added a pop of the KIKO Long Lasting Stick in 42 (a lavender shade) on my upper lashline (concentrating it more on the centre of the eye, I did not create a wing eyeliner with it), finishing off with my usual mascara the Lancôme Hypnôse Precious Cells in black. For cheeks, I added a touch of my Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop and for lips I put on a new addition to my lip product collection, the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Addiction (blog post coming soon).

For hair, I was going to do something with the pink fascinator I found for my mum last year, but I completely forgot...can you tell I'm not used to styling my hair? Instead, using my curled hair purposely done for this "photoshoot", I just added a braid using the front section of my hair (the part that usually frames the face i.e. the fringe) and pinned it just behind my ear (the hairstyle basis for all three looks)


This blue dress was from the M&S's Twiggy Collection last year, I particularly love it because added to its super flattering cut is a spandex style lining which keeps everything in place. Plus, it kept me quite warm, which is great when attending a spring/summer wedding in the UK, as thermometers only rarely reach 25°C (but I'm a lizard and hence perpetually cold, not a dress I would recommend if you run hot or are currently experiencing a heat wave higher than 25°C).

Sadly I haven't spotted anything comparable from M&S this year, but I found a dress resembling it from the brand Chi Chi which is a must when it comes to occasion dresses (and they aren't stupidly short like most dresses you find on the high street). But if you just wanted the colour then this one from Dorothy Perkins should do the trick!

For hair I just added a crystal headband from Accessorize to my previous hairstyle (similar here). My makeup is exactly the same as described above except for the lips which I switched up to a more mauve toned colour to match the blue in the dress, i.e. my trusted Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Marvelous Mauve.

The gorgeous shoes are from New Look, they have a similar pair out this year but without the silver detail on the heel seat (there is such a thing as shoe anatomy, who knew?). My clutch was from Collection by John Lewis but I found an equally nice one here. My blue watch which you might recognise from my watch collection is from M&S, they have an almost identical one out this year too.


For the longest time I was looking for a cream coloured dress with red florals on it (it also had to be long enough that I wasn't showing off my underwear either) and I finally came across the perfect one from New Look last year (similar here or I found a butterfly version here, or a blue version here). The style of this dress is just casual enough that accessorising it differently would make it an everyday dress no problem (I'm thinking flats and a cross-body bag). But the red blotches created by the florals means that you won't appear rude to the bride, even though you're technically wearing cream...shhhh.

Both the bag and the shoes were featured in my Valentine's Day Outfits post. The shoes from M&S (similar here but they are patent leather, so no grass stains, woop woop!) are more of the pinky colour you see in the photos above than the red I photoshopped them to be for the "casual outfit" in that post (to be fair, I did say they were more raspberry toned IRL, although they photograph as really more of a fuchsia). The clutch was from eBay and although not a perfect match to the more fuchsia red of the florals and the shoes, it will do! As I've said before I'm not a big bag collector so this is the only red one I had, but John Lewis have a better match here.

For my final hairstyle I removed the headband, kept the side fringe braid, braided the other side (starting behind my ear this time) braided in the French style (i.e. adding hair as you go) to form a crown, and as I ran out of hair reaching the lower right of my head, I twisted it inwards (like a mini chignon); tips...lots of pinning was required!!! But I did only have five minutes to do this as the sun kept disappearing behind clouds, but messy adds to the hairstyle (I would have just hidden the pins a bit better though).

For lips, I went with a more pinky red, another Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Strawberry Kissed this time. The big cubic zirconia earrings were from Forever 21, but I've seen this style in almost every jewellery shop, so shouldn't be too hard to find!

There you have it, three occasion outfits that will guarantee that you'll be the best dressed guest there!

What do you like to wear as a wedding guest?

Are you more of a fascinator or fancy hat kind of person? I'm very lazy when it comes to hair as I tend to focus more on the makeup.

How many pairs of shoes have you unfortunately ruined by having to walk on wet grass?